Short Videos: Click on photo to see video)

Roosevelt Island Tram

NYC has so many interesting things to explore! On this April day, I took the cable tram to Roosevelt Island.

Halloween Yard Display, 2015

For Halloween, we set up an 'animated pumpkin' display in our front yard.

Fort Monmouth

This now-closed NJ Army base was my home in 1968 and again in 1970. These videos are nostalgic to me and, hopefully, to some of my friends who were stationed there also.

Raising House Wrens

A pair of house wrens use our bird house to raise four chicks.

ESL Class: Viewing Cherry Blossoms

Connection ESL students enjoyed a (cold!) spring day visit to Branch Brook Park to view the beautiful early cherry blossoms.

ESL Class: Making French Crepes

My ESL class at the Connection in Summit enjoyed learning how to make French crepes from fellow student Edith who hails from Paris, France.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

We were very lucky to escape Hurricane Sandy with no damage but many neighbors were not. Six days later, we're still cold and powerless and availability of gas is a major problem.

Visit to Machu Picchu

The highlight of our May 2012 visit to Peru and was our visit to Machu Picchu. Click on the photo to see more...

Visiting Cuzco, Peru

After Lima, we flew to Cuzco, ancient capital of the Incas and hopping-off point for Machu Picchu. We enjoyed this city greatly. See a video by clicking on the photo

Touring Lima, Peru

In May, 2012, Grace, Michael met John in Lima where our wonderful tour guide Edwin ( Haku Tours) showed us the sights.

Trip to Ireland/Scotland

In September, 2011, we had a great time on a trip that included a visit to the Highlands castle of Grace's ancestors!

Visiting George and Donna

Their lovely home and fun-loving canine children make George & Donna's one of our favorite Bed-and-Breakfast places!

Local Fishing, August 2011

After living in New Jersey for more than 30 years, I did my first fresh-water fishing in a local pond, where a pickerel was my prize.

Building a Backyard Pergola

To provide shade from the late afternoon sun, during the autumn of 2010 and spring of 2011, I built a pergola adjacent to our picnic patio.

Coco Chasing Cat-Dancer

The 'cat-dancer' is a favorite toy of all of our cats. Usually, we hold one end but Coco has learned she can enjoy it all on her own!

California Fishing

In the fall of 2010, I enjoyed a fishing trip out of Newport, California

Visiting My Sister Janet

On a cold Indiana morning in late March, I joined Janet on her morning rounds feeding the 'livestock'

Our 2011 Caribbean Cruise

Lots of video & photos from our Caribbean Cruise

2010 Fishing Trip

In late August, Michael and John have a wonderful time fluke fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off New Jersey's shore.

Lynch-Leonard 2010 Picnic/Reunion

Thinking of Everett at Denny & Cathey's
wonderful 2010 family get-together

New Family Members, August 2010

Video taken during the first few days after the arrival of our lovable new family members - Coco and Halley.

Suzhou Visit, 2010

Our wonderful young friends Mandy and Lisa take us to Suzhou for a most enjoyable day!

Grace's Birthday Surprise

A surprise birthday party for Grace held in March, 2010 at Christ Church in Summit, NJ

Christmas with Lisa & Mandy

Our young friends from Shanghai spend Christmas 2009 with us and we travel to Washington DC together

Celebrating 25 Years

Key moments from our 25 years together, from our engagement party to our 2008 anniversary trip to Hawaii

Scuba Diving in Hawaii

John's dive trip to the beautiful reefs of Molokini, just off the western shore of Maui, Hawaii

Backyard Bear, 2005

A black bear topples our birdfeeder and snacks on sunflower seeds!